1. Provide a cell phone capable of social media communication (to aid in building and maintaining relationships with people outside of the group)

    target cost: $400

    In the event the phone is lost or damaged, it can be replaced no more than once with another smart phone worth $50 (ex. Iphone 5 or android equivalent)
  2. Cell service

    Target cost: $45/mo
  3. Emotional support in the form of an online therapist (better help, e-counseling, or talk space).

    Target cost: $80/mo
  4. personal adviser to help them find resources. how can they get housing? job training, government assistance, scholarship and grant info, local universities, step-by-step instructions for GED classes/testing, ACT/SAT testing, and university enrollment. The adviser would REALLY push university but if they would prefer a trade job, the adviser would provide resources for trade schools/apprenticeship positions. The adviser should also follow up to ensure they’re using the online counseling service and taking steps to enroll in a university or get into an apprenticeship program. If they aren’t following those two steps then they’re at risk of being removed from the program.
  5. Provide a monthly food budget of $32 per week for one year.

Ideally, the adviser would spend 2 hours per week researching resources for the individual, and an hour per week talking to them about options. After the first 2 months, communication can fall to semi monthly or monthly, based on the adviser’s recommendation. We’re going to need volunteers for this.

Vetting candidates

Advisers will need to field possible candidates as they sign up. Talk to them. Listen to their story. Determine if they’re legitimately victims of extremist abuse. If they aren’t victims of extremist abuse, but some other type of abuse, we should be able to provide resources for nonprofits who can help them for their specific situation. We don’t want to lose focus of the goals. We want to help victims of religious extremism.

Since this nonprofit is so young and doesn’t have the resources of other charities, the goal of the advisers should be to find resources rather than money. If money is necessary, it will be available. But before handing out a food stipend of $32/wk, we should try to find a food bank in their area or help them get signed up for foodstamps.

Age doesn’t change the type of services we provide. We should still encourage people to get an education, regardless of age.  We can also tailor the support we provide on a case by case basis. If they’re just exiting the cult in their 30s and they already have an established career, we can provide online counseling services, and facilitate their entry into the “real” world by helping them get involved in the ex-cult member community.