Pledge of transparency

Once non-profit status has been approved by the IRS, a COMPLETE month-by-month financial review will be listed here. There will be 100% complete financial transparency (unlike many of the cults we’re trying to fight), so you’ll know exactly where your money goes. A lack of financial transparency is a big problem in many cults, and I want to be the exact opposite of what they are.

What the program will cost

Based on costs listed on the mission page, we’re hoping to support one person for 12 months for under $2500/yr, including administrative costs like domain name renewal, web hosting, office space, and employee payroll. Administrative costs and charitable donations will be clearly delineated in the finances section each month.

How we bring in revenue

At this immediate moment, the program is completely donation based. However, I (Owen Morgan) intend to bring in revenue through product sales campaigns on etsy. I’ll run a monthly campaign through my online store where all profits for specific products will be donated to the Apostate Refuge program.

We also have a YouTube channel. It isn’t currently monetized, but when it is, all profits will go to the foundation. Monetization requires 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours per calendar year. I just uploaded the first video recently, and that put us at about 300 watch hours. It’s already at 7,000 subscribers. We’re on our way. Optimistically, I’m hoping this channel will generate about $400 per month, or $4800 per year. That means we’ll be able to sponsor two people with the revenue, once it finally takes off.